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Scholastica Sylvan Kimaryo

Founder & CEO, Maadili Leadership Solutions

Scholastica Sylvan Kimaryo (Ms) is a Global Thought Leader & Specialist, International Development & Governance, and the Founder and Chief Executive at Maadili Leadership Solutions.

At Maadili Leadership Solutions, Scholastica grooms Leaders with knowledge, Skills on How to Discover and Unleash the Greatness Within, thereby taking them through a personal journey of self-discovery, self-mastery to become their own Analyst and Therapist. This process leads them to become happier, healthier, more efficient and effective also makes them a better leader of themselves and of those in their private and public life.

Scholastica also conducts TEAM-BUILDING THROUGH CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLES for Corporates, the Public Sector, Organs of Civil Society and other Clients; based on this set of knowledge, skills and tools, with the following measurable results and outcomes: (1) Significant Reduction in Absenteeism, (2) Increased Productivity, (3) More Harmonious Relationships at Home and at the Work Place, as well as (4) Most Welcome Reduction in Expenditure on Medical Bills for Individuals as well as for their Employers.

Previously, Scholastica worked with the United Nations in different countries, at various levels of leadership responsibilities and seniority, for over thirty years. She also has experience as a journalist, columnist and human rights advocate, especially for women & children.

She is a Certified Conscious Leadership & Healthy Lifestyles & Mind Body Energy Healing Practitioner, and has an MSc degree in Social Policy, Planning and Development in Third World Countries, from the London School of Economics & Political Science.