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Reshma Khan

CEO K’enso Consulting, Executive Coach

Reshma Aziz Khan is a Kenyan of Indian origin who was born and grew up in Nairobi, Kenya.

Reshma was lucky to do her Undergraduate degree in Calgary, Canada, where she met people from all over the world and was able to truly appreciate and understand cultural and generational diversity. Over the past decade, Reshma has worked in development and humanitarian aid in many roles, including communications, leadership, strategy and culture. More recently, she has been actively involved in inclusion work, to ensure that even large non-profits think and act on issues of race, diversity, gender equality, and other divisive factors. In her time with CARE International, Reshma moved from a high potential to a high performance global leader and manager, and worked with colleagues and teams of different generations and thinking styles.

Reshma transitioned from full-time employment in 2020 to set up her own leadership coaching and consultancy company K’enso Consulting,  and hopes to work with social impact leaders globally to work towards a more just and inclusive world.