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Prof. David Clutterbuck


Co-Founder & Special Ambassador of European Coaching & Mentoring Council

Prof. David Clutterbuck is one of the earliest pioneers of coaching and mentoring. Co-founder of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and now one of its two special ambassadors, he is author or co-author of more than 70 books on leadership, coaching, mentoring and systemic talent management. Visiting professor of coaching and mentoring at four universities, he is also a distinguished fellow of the Conference Board and co-dean of the Global Team Coaching Institute. He leads a global network of trainer-consultants, Coaching and Mentoring International. Among his current projects is one to create 5 million school age coaches and mentors around the world.

David coaches and mentors CEOs and supervises coaches internationally.

Amongst David’s many books are Everyone needs a mentor, Coaching the Team at Work, The Talent Wave, The Practitioner’s Handbook of Team Coaching, Building and Sustaining a Coaching Culture and Coaching supervision: A practical guide for supervisees.

David holds master practitioner accreditation from the EMCC in coaching and mentoring, team coaching, coaching supervision and coaching and mentoring programme management. His PhD provided the basis for understanding the dynamics of developmental mentoring relationships

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