A Pan-African Conversation on Transforming Organisations Through Executive Coaching


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A premier platform for organisational leaders and executive coaches to share experiences, learnings and latest research in coaching for accelerated growth of organisations in Africa.

Looking to positively transform yourself and your organisation? Year 2020 brought us many crises but it also offered leaders numerous learning opportunities, while demanding an evolution of how we work. The Africa Executive Coaching Convention provides a platform to effectively address leadership and business challenges and increase successes for organisations

We will pull together stories and case studies that inspire, motivate and encourage stakeholders of executive coaching to sustainably create extraordinary workplaces through executive coaching strategies that work for Africa.

The convention aspires to articulate and work towards a “philosophy” of coaching for Africa that catalyses transformation in individuals and organisations.

Our Speakers

Agenda 13:00 - 17:30 GMT

Day 1: 3rd March 2021

Day 2: 24th March 2021

Day 3: 14th April 2021

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